Frequently Asked Questions

Amari Educraft Consulting is a subsidiary of Amari Event and Expositions Limited founded and registered in 2011 as an enterprise. The company was registered as a limited company in 2013. We have been in the study abroad and Travel and Tourism market for a while. Our founder Mr Stephen Fagbote is an experienced Study Abroad and Travel consultant. He is also a certified Life Coach. We are glad to offer Nigeria’s first International Subsidy Program.

The subsidy offer will last until July 30, 2020. The guide will always be available for download after the deadline.

We charge a token to recoup some of the production and marketing costs of the Ultimate Study Abroad Guide and to make sure the processing for subsidy and allied services that we offer run smoothly. The product and services is valued over #2m for each of the first 200 applicants that will benefit from the tuition subsidy. We accept credit cards, debit cards, verve, USSD code transfer, bank transfer etc

Of course we are here to support you on telephone, social media, email, live chat etc. We are here to serve you and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Clients are encouraged to exhaust other means of communication and only request for invitation to visit our office when physical meeting is seriously required. Example of this is when clients are preparing to apply for study visa and needs guildiance. We reserve the right to schedule or deny appointment as we deem it necessary.

Good question. As we all know that the primary aim of all businesses is to make profit, we cherish our corporate social responsibilities. There is a need to support our students during this Covid 19 pandemic. We derive joy in giving back to our clients. While some are giving out millions of dollars in scholarships each year, giving out tuition subsidies to our youth will be rewarding in the future. It will also create a good brand and positive image for our company. We save cost by keeping our overheads very low. Our partnership with top universities and others in the industry enables us to carry out these offers without breaking our back. We also generate fund by selling travel products and through commissions from partner universities.

We provide guildiance and advise but it is the student’s responsibility to procure all required documents for admission and for visa issuance.

We strives to make this available for two hundreds students in 2020. We might increase the number in the future. Of course we cannot provide subsidy for everyone. It’s on first come first serve basis.

As soon as we receive your payment. Usually within 30 mins. You will automatically be enrolled in the Educraft Powered to Excel Network which will allow you access to our social media platforms.

Yes, we have top notch affiliate and referral programs. You can earn up to ten percent of the product price as referral commission. That’s #7500 income in your pocket for each paying friend or family member you refer to us.

If you are among the first 200 students to register, you will be contacted by one of our Consultants who will be your personal manager. She/he will guide you through the process and provide assistance.

We have lots of cutting-edge services. Please check our Features and Benefits page for details.

Sorry we do not offer full time scholarship at the moment. We offer guaranteed tuition subsidy. Getting full time scholarship to study abroad is a game of luck and very competitive. Only fewer than 0.5% of students gain full time scholarship to study abroad. Having said that, our system was built to show you available scholarship opportunities and tuition fee discounts offered by governments, private entities, non government organizations and educational institutions worldwide if available.

Yes. You should apply immediately to take advantage of the tuition subsidy program before the deadline.

Very possible. We encourage you to help yourself anyway you could and we assure you of our assistance when you need it. Please bear in mind that we must process your admission through our system in order for you to quality for Educraft International Tuition Subsidy. This is because our partner universities and edufirms already recognise the system.

Nope. There are no hidden charges and never shall there be. Note: Educraft Consulting will not be responsible for enrollment fees charged by universities, bank charges, visa fees payable to embassies, cost of preparing documents for admission or study visa, insurance or flight ticket etc. Please note that in most cases you will receive your subsidy fund at the beginning of second semester. Some universities in Russia and Ukraine pays your subsidy fund immediately after course registration on Campus. Sometimes the institutions will remit the money to us, then we shall forward the fund to you. We will let you know what the terms and conditions are as they vary from one institution to another.

You need at least 200mb space in your computer, tablet or mobile device for the system to run well. You can download these PDF files using any browser. You need internet access for the download. We can also forward the documents to your email so that you can access it even if you loose your device.

Nope. We will let you know once hard copies are releaeed.

Impossible is a huge statement but we say it is almost impossible. Please note that Educraft International Tuition Subsidy Program runs independent of any merit based scholarships or fellowships offered by these institutions which means you can still apply for these merit based scholarships concurrently. We are offering you our service charge and partner commission from the universities as tuition subsidy. Universities and colleges mainly offer merit based scholarships in form of tuition fee discounts to students who have demonstrated academic excellence beginning from semester two.

Our system integrates artificial intelligence and real time processing techniques for fast enrolment zs. Your admission documents gets to admin desk of the universities lightning fast. This enables the institutions to reach a decision on your application as quick as possible. Our consultants are also well trained.

For web hosting, we have been using the same old competent guys for over seven years without issues. Their system is 99.9% uptime. Our website has never been down. The system is also super secured. For payment, we are using Paystack- the same guys MTN, OPay, Paylater and other top firms are using. Their system is safe.

You can reach us on live chat, phone, email, social media and at our office by appointment only. If we employ lots of CSR staffs in our office to answer common questions which could be answered on phone or WhatsApp, there won’t be any fund available for tuition subsidy. Nevertheless, we try our best to give you an unforgettable experience

You can increase your chance simply by submitting required documents as quick as possible before the deadline. There is no qualifying exam for now. Please write a beautiful letter of intent telling us why you think we should consider you for the tuitio subsidy. We’ll also like to learn few things about your post graduation ambitions. Make sure your scanned documents are all clear. If the university of your choice requires language and entrance test I.e SAT, GRE, IELTS then we need copies of these. The subsidy is guaranteed once you meet the conditions. If you submit your application outside the enrolment period of most Universities- Spring, Winter, Autumn or Summer, we will consider it for the next admission session. Shalom!